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Machinist Journeyman

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You will be amazed by the amount of "I Use it Everyday" content in this app. Featured in several Trade Publications, the IOS Version of this app surfaced quickly as the obvious choice for assisting in dozens of everyday Machine Shop Calculations.
Striving for a User-Friendly Experience, the Journeyman brings you the desired calculations for Chip Thinning Milling Calculations, Drilling Speeds and Feeds, Tapping Feeds, Turning Calculations, Threading Helix Angles, Trig Functions, Sine Bar, Metric & Inch Conversions, Tap Drill Sizes, Desired Spot Drill & C'Drill Diameter by Depth and much more.
The "Machinist Journeyman" includes:
Decimal-Drill Chart Centerdrill Info
MILLING SECTION IPM FEEDS: *RPM & IPM *SFM & FPT *Radial Chip Thinning *Ballnose Chip Thinning *45 Degree Lead Angle Chip Thinning *Tap Speed & Feed
MILLING SECTION IPR FEEDS: *RPM & IPR *SFM & FPT *Radial Chip Thinning *Ballnose Chip Thinning *45 Degree Lead Angle Chip Thinning *Tap Speed & Feed
TURNING SECTION: *RPM *SFM *Helix Angle and Proper Anvil Selection for Laydown Threading Systems *Thread Reference Point *Length to Diameter Ratio *Smallest Effective Dia for desired SFM based upon Max RPM *G97 to G96 Constant SFM Calculations *Surface Finish Calculation
DRILLING SECTION: *Drill Point Length *Spot Drill Depth for Desired Diameter *Center Drill Depth for Desired Diameter *Center Drill Dimension Information *Tap Drill Sizes for: NPT, NPS, BSPT & BSPP *Tap Drill Sizes Calculations for: * Cut Tap Inch * Cut Tap Metric *Form Tap Inch *Form Tap Metric Allows you to calculate Special Thread Specifications, not choosing ONLY from a pre-determined list
MATH: *Right Triangle Trig Section *Sine Bar Height *Dimensions for + and - Tolerances *Dimensions for + and + Tolerances *Dimensions for - and - Tolerances
CONVERSION SECTION: *IN / MM *HP / KW *LB/ KG *Temperature *Torque *Square Across Corners *Hex Across Corners *Length to Diameter Ratio *MM Pitch to Threads per Inch *Rockwell C to Brinell Hardness
ESTIMATING CALCULATIONS: *Qty. of Inserts *Per Part Tool Cost *Lathe Cut Time *Mill Cut Time *Manual Mill Feeds *Production Hours Needed for Job *Feet of Material Needed
SALESMAN CALCULATIONS: *Profit Margin *Sell / Cost / Profit *Off List Discount
Focusing on a User-Friendly Layout, the Journeyman will continue to grow as more areas are developed and will be released as FREE Updates.
Besides just producing the numbers you desire, the Journeyman illustrates certain theories while trying to educate users not familiar with these concepts. This training concept will be continued as the app grows.
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